Monday, May 7, 2012

Bengkel Kecantikan di Kota Bharu pada 1 Mei 2012

Testimoni Produk Mary Kay

Chocolate Gurlz notty278@......

May 4 (4 days ago)

Salam akak....saya Najihah....saya yang join bengkel Mary Kay kat Kota Bharu hari tu...firstly thanks akak invite kami join this sangat-sangat dapat join....melalui event ni saya dapat belajar cara menjaga muka yang betul...step by step...and yang paling best dapat belajar makeup...kalau sebelum ni rasa tak yakin je nak makeup...sekarang bila dah tahu cara baru rasa yakin...tapi kan bagi saya foundation Mary Kay memang terbaik...ringan je rasa muka macam xpakai pape tapi muka still nampak glowing..untuk skincare saya paling suka mask Mary Kay......lain kali kalau ada event camni saya nak join lagi.....see u akak...=)

Feedback on Mary Kay Beauty Class - 1 mei 2012 at KB

wfaiziah@...... via

May 4 (3 days ago)

I was invited to this event by my colleague via FB. The brochure was uploaded by SD Hasni in her FB wall. My feedback is as written below..
 I found that the purpose of this class is to introduce Mary Kay product to the participant.
This beauty product is not only for our beauty but also provided us the career path. Since I'm not interested in that aspect I wouldn't comment any further.
I just concentrated on the basic aspect of skin care and make up using this wonderful product. This hands on session was very effective for people like me who'd lack exposure on basic skin care as well as in make up.
I think that this type of classes with very low fee should be repeated for several times with wide publicity. I found that there were  both sided benefits either for conductor as well as to the participants.
Generally.. I think this is a good class for all women who want to be success and to whom who want to look beautiful.. :) That's all..
-Dr Wan Faiziah-
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