Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mary Kay : Try Before You Buy

What is so special about the Mary Kay products?

First,  you have to attend the Free Skincare class.


We will advise the most suitable products for you based on your skin type,  skin condition,  product history and your expectation.
We will provide the Mary Kay products and tools.
We will teach you how to cleanse your face the right way, show you what the Mary Kay Botanical Effect mask can improve your skin condition,  show you why you need to moisturise your skin,  and we will show you how the TimeWise liquid foundation can instantly change your look.  Other than that you will also learn how to take care of your lips using the Satin lips lipspa and how to soften your hands using the Satinhands Pampering set.  If you are lucky enough,  we will let you try my favorite Loofah body cleanser and the pedicure set!
And everything is for FREE and what's more?  There is no Obligation.
Wow!  Isn't it wonderful?

Once you have attended the class,  it does not stop there.  We will continue to serve you.  We can have subsequent make up classes,  and you can always become our hostess.  Of course we will reward our hostesses with Mary Kay products.  Don't we just love free products?

If you are looking for some skincare products to enhance your looks,  or if you are looking for someone to take care of your skin,  I am more than willing to assist.  

Why wait?  Call me or Whatsupp me at 016-361 0628 NOW!!

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